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Maxing out at 50 concurrent connections with Play or Netty on OS X? Here's a fix.

I recently ran across a strange problem with the Play Framework and Netty: on Linux, my Play app could easily handle thousands of concurrent connections; on OS...

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Composable and Streamable Play Apps

A blog post I wrote on the LinkedIn Engineering Blog about Composable and Streamable Play Apps::

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A thousand lives

The other day, I was going through some old files on my computer, and stumbled across a paper that blew my mind. It was a technical write up of an experiment wi...

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What is the current webstack LinkedIn uses?

My answer on Quora to What is the current webstack LinkedIn uses?:

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In which ways do you use the play framework in your company?

My answer on Quora to In which ways do you use the play framework in your company?:

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Play, Scala, and Iteratees vs. Node.js, JavaScript, and

The Play Framework takes a functional programming approach to stream processing (e.g. Comet, chunked responses, WebSockets) by using abstractions called Iterate...

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The 10x developer is NOT a myth

Update: you can find a Spanish translation of this blog post here.

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10 recipes for turning imperative Java code into functional Scala code

At LinkedIn, we’ve started to use the Play Framework, which supports not only Java, but also Scala. Many teams have opted to write their apps in Scala, so I’ve...

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Shit recruiters say

Just today, I got my 1,000th recruiter email in the last ~4 years. I know this is the number because I’m slightly obsessed with organization and have added a s...

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Some ground rules for debate

For some reason, you’ve gotten into a debate with me about philosophy, software, psychology, history, life, the universe, and everything. Awesome! Before we go ...

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