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A physical analogy for the creative thought process

As a software engineer, I tend to be very methodical in my thinking. I approach every problem by breaking it down into discrete pieces, analyzing each one in a ...

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I finally understand open source software

What does Google stand to gain from having so many open source projects? What about Twitter or Facebook? Why would companies freely give away software that cost t...

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This is where I work

LinkedIn just had a “pimp your row” competition where each row of cubes got money to spend on decorations. The results were astounding. As I walked around, I ha...

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Java's String.split()

Just ran into a “gotcha” in Java that had me scratching my head. I had a string of the form "abc.def.ghi" and I wanted to split it on the dot (".") character. S...

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2011 Goals

The reason most people never reach their goals is that they don't define them, or ever seriously consider them as believable or achievable. Winners c...

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Does the computer programming profession have a future?

My answer on Quora to Does the computer programming profession have a future?:

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Flatland and my adventures in Stanford's libraries

I almost forgot to post this tale, but I recently ran across the relevant photos on my phone and knew I had to write something.

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My hackday project is live: The Resume Builder

Last Friday, I got my first project up on LinkedIn Labs: Resume Builder. This little app will take your LinkedIn profile and convert it into a beautiful resume....

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2010 Crossfit Games: Northern California Qualifier, Day 2

After a smooth first day of competition, Sunday was a bit of a mess. Although all of Saturday’s scores and standings were available online, no one really knew ...

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2010 Crossfit Games: Northern California Qualifier, Day 1

The Crossfit Games are the olympics of Crossfit. They are held each year in Aromas, California and claim the winner is the “fittest person on earth” (check out ...

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